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The Dove Onslaught begins...

I've blogged about Dove before...About how I think they're just paying lip-service to the idea of smart marketing to women...About the fact that they test on animals and that they should be aware of the fact that at some point in time, people will start noticing that their Campaign For Real Beauty is just that: a campaign.'s begun. Have a look at this Greenpeace ad: a spoof of the original Dove ad that highlights things Dove doesn't want us to know.

Phase 2 of the onslaught not to be minimized: online conversations around the brand. Have a look at this post on The Independent, one of the UK's leading newspapers.

Here's my bet: within 6 months we'll find an animal right organization making a similar spoof showing Unilever (Dove's parent company) testing its products on animals.

To be continued...


Julie Rusciolelli said...

I haven't seen this before, very disturbing. I'm a huge fan of Evolution and Onslaught viral videos. I guess I got caught up in their marketing ... didn't know about the Palm oil thing ... thanks for posting, JULIE

Marie-H. said...

I have 2 very interesting blog threads to share about that campaign (in French)
The blogger first wrote this:
but then had second thoughts and wrote this:

I quite agree with this. They found a nice angle to talk to women, it's tempting to let them seduce you, but apparently it's "just" marketing and their products are not that different.