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Gone Africa.

I am lucky enough to be able to realise one of my biggest dreams in the coming 3 weeks: to take part in a rally that goes from Belgium all the way to Gambia. Called the "Antwerp-Banjul Challenge", it's a rally of which the concept holds that you get your vehicle to Gambia in as good a state as possible and then auction it for a good cause of your choice. My team partner and I will be donating the proceeds of our vehicle (a 15-year old Land Rover Discovery) to a small hospital in southern Gambia that is in dire need of a gynaecological ward (1 in 32 Gambian women still die due to birth related complications). So that's our goal!

We leave today. 7000 kilometers in 18 days.

I won't be posting here in the coming weeks, but I will be updating the Sunshine Shooters blog with Twitter updates daily and with blogposts whenever possible.

See you when I get back!