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Spring is HERE!!!

Apologies for the short absence: work has been enormously busy and in the little free time I had the past two weeks was dedicated to being OUTSIDE in the sun.(Belgians will understand. After a loooong, dreary winter, there's no stopping us). Priorities are priorities, people.

Having said that: there's a lot happening in the exciting world of M2W!

The first issue of the Muse newsletter is due out later this week. If you haven't yet subscribed and you'd like to receive it, drop us a line (link at top of blog)!

First up: A GREAT new site on all matters/blogs related to women (and I'm not talking lipstick and hairspray here!) Have a look here
I much prefer this site to Yahoo's new "female portal", Shine.

Secondly: Clo, here's one for you! US-based TechGirlz is doing a survey on women in technology. How about we give them some European stats too? Take the survey here Let's spread the word!

A great book just out: "What men don't tell women about business" and M2W colleague Andrea Learned's review of the book here.

And last but certainly not least for today: Michelle & Holly, authors of 'The Soccer Mom Myth' and two M2W pioneers, put out a weekly newsletter with tips on how to think about marketing differently. Subscribe here!