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Man Should Be Brave.

I couldn't resist posting this ad from the French Connection campaign.

I posted it on my Facebook account and immediately got tons of positive responses - from women. They love this ad!

Why? Because it adheres to two the core values of smart marketing to women: be real and be brave.
We all agreed: "Brave men" are men who dare to be silly, funny, poke fun at themselves and who don't take their male egos too seriously.

We also liked the "realness" of the image. A guy with a beard, in a plain t-shirt proudly (not arrogantly) looking ahead. No airbrushing, no impossibly high cheekbones or six-pack stomach. No obvious marketing blah-blah or overtly irrealistic promises.

Just simple, tongue-in-cheek humor.

Great marketing-to-women, kudoz FC!