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Ah, Women!

There's a great article on Time Magazine's website called "Women in Luxury" that showcases interviews with some of the most powerful women behind some of the world's most powerful brands.

I read a few of the interviews, and what struck me is this: the women interviewed give such a wonderfully individual, quirky insight into the beautiful complexity of women as individuals...and perfectly illustrate why categorizing women by demographics alone just doesn't make sense any more!

Odile Roujol, President of Lancôme, is the perfect idiosyncratic example of this.
Roujol perfectly represents Lancôme understated sense of style with her white cotton blouse and trim black slacks...and then she pairs it with 5-in. Prada platform sandals. In purple. Her lifestyle is anything but "40-to-54" either. If she's not traveling for work on weekends, Roujol could be in-line skating with her sons by day or visiting the opera at night.

Or take Stella McCartney, "Since launching her label in 1995, McCartney has made a mission of designing collections that are environmentally awake. Her clothes and accessories, including shoes and handbags, don't contain a stitch of leather." Strong, outspoken and surrounded by stars, glitz and glam most of the time, the 37-year old lists her mom as her biggest inspiration...

Or take Lorna Kelly Kelly, luxury auctioneer at Sotheby's who, at 63, is also an avid student of Buddhism and often sports a dramatic pink streak in her hair.

What a wonderful illustration of individuality these women are!

(And I dare anyone to tell kelly or my mom (both in their early sixties) that they are now in the demographic 'senior citizens'!)