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Weekly marketing-to-women wrap-up

Pyjamas and painkillers are good for something (don't ask..two words: wisdom teeth) -they allow you to get down and read through all the sites and blogs that one only manages to skim across during a normal working week.

This week's wrap-up of the most interesting articles on marketing, marketing-to-women and all matters related. Well worth a read!

"How Customers Think" - Neuromarketing article

Hypnosis brings groups into focus - want to know what people really think about your brand? Bring in the hypnotist! Interesting article in Brandweek

"Who do you trust?" Men and Women answer that differently.
A study found that men tended to trust people who were part of a group with them. Women, on the other hand, were more likely to trust strangers who shared some personal connection, such as a friend of a friend.
Not a new article but still very interesting - on ScienceDaily

Research report: Dove's "Beyond stereotypes - rebuilding the foundation of beauty beliefs"

"Men, you're outnumbered online" eMarketer article