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Please meet the Real Mom.

Advertising Age just published a very interesting white paper called "The New Female Consumer: the rise of the Real Mom". It's a great spotlight on the way society - and the roles of women in it - has changed over the past three generations.

You can download the entire report here. Well worth a read!


To Facebook or Not To Facebook, that is the question.

57 percent of Facebook users are women. For brands that market their products to women, social media is the proverbial goose that lay the golden egg of modern communication. Everybody wants a piece of the action.
I am often encouraged by clients to "include social media, especially Facebook, in our communication strategy". Without much thought as to whether this is actually the right decision, whether it would be an efficient channel in their case (for each case should be judged on its own merit). The question that is most often left unasked is: What do you expect your presence on Facebook to achieve?

This post, titled "10 musts for marketing to women on Facebook" is also a must-read for all brands considering it as a communication channel.