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Monday memo: gutsy women and great blogs

A short post on a busy busy busy monday morning:

1. this weekend I discovered 'Diablo Cody'....(It's a name, by the way). I didn't mean much to me either when I first read it. Cody is the Oscar-winning writer of this season's big indy movie hit 'Juno'. Interesting thing is, Cody is 29 years old and as so often mentioned in press surrounding her: an ex-stripper. What's very intestesing is that this very outspoken girl (I won't mention her own description of her "occupation" here, for fear of offending more sensitive souls), but have a look at her blog on myspace to see the amount of support she gets from her mostly female fans! Young women are very obviously totally supportive of this girl...and so am I! Kudoz to Cody for living her life by her own rules!

2. Belgian blog awards - women's blogs win the top prizes!
These are the winners:
First place:
Second place:
Third place:

Happy reading!