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On motherhood (again)

Although I'm not a Mom, I really appreciate this site "True Mom Confessions"

It's a fantastic community building site for moms to visit, especially in frustrating moments, of which, no doubt there are many.

Moms (and Moms-to-be) can anonymously share their worries, stresses and silly moments with like-minded women.

From a marketing-to-women perspective, I really like it because:
- I love the homepage visual (shown above). It shows a woman as more than just a mom
- I love the unspoken message of the site "You don't have to be a perfect Mom"
- The site puts moms in touch with each other by allowing them to share their stories. Support during difficult times, who wouldn't grab it?
- And they have a competition in which they offer the kind of gift any young mother would jump at: a relaxing spa treatment!

A great effort overall! Which makes me wonder: why has no major brand targeting moms spotted this site as a great initiative with loads of potential to link their customers to their brand...?