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Dove "Evolution" campaign wins at Cannes

It's official! The Dove 'Evolution' campaign walked away with the Grand Prix at this year's Cannes Lions advertising festival!

Congratulations to OGILVY & MATHER (Toronto, Canada), the agency responsible for this brilliant campaign.

For those who don't know the background to this campaign, here's some more info:

The film was developed as extention to Dove's well-known 'Campaign For Real Beauty'. The goal of the film: to drive traffic to the company's website. First posted on Youtube 8 months ago, the Evolution film as been viewed well over 4 million times! (talk about a great word-of-mouth tool!)

But here's the really amazing thing about Dove's "campaign for real beauty" and its spin-offs: Although the campaign was launched a mere 3 years ago, it has single-handedly taken Dove from 'just another cosmetics brand' to 'vanguard, promoter and protector of realistic, individual female beauty'. And in doing so, it has won the attention, the hearts and no doubt the purses of millions of women world-wide!

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