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Yummy Mummies RULE!

For the record: I don't have kids (yet) and I'm not pregnant.
But I simply must do a plug for HOTmilk - the lingerie brand from way, way down under in New Zealand that has come up with the most stunning line of maternity and nursing lingerie.

Classy, sexy, it empowers women and doesn't take itself too seriously! I love it! Kudoz to you ladies!

YES! To giving pregnant women and nursing mums a choice of flattering, sexy underwear!

YES! To the sexy, sultry, powerful promo photos!

YES! To reminding women that they can be beautiful and sexy while pregnant!

YES! To the "Men Only" section on the website and it's informal way of helping men understand how to buy lingerie for women.

YES! To standing up for what you believe in and having the guts to live your dream!

HOTmilk is available in Belgium in Ghent at Lingeriet. All other outlets world-wide can be found on the HOTmilk website.