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Mercator Insurance - funny or not?

When this ad first came on TV and I began to watch it, I found it quite funny. I could so totally imagine myself trying to drill a hole in the wall - with very little success (and a lot of damage to the wall). But then, as the ad comes to an end and the tagline is shown, I ain't laughing no more. I'm not going to give away the tagline here, you'll have to judge for yourself whether you think it's funny...or not.

1 comment:

MH said...

it's the only time in my life that, after having seen an ad, I grabbed my laptop and e-mailed to company to tell them what I was thinking about it. And it was not positive...

Plus, speaking of car insurance, women cost less to companies because they have less accidents and less serious ones: why make an interesting target mad at you?