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A sign of the times...

If ever there was a sign of the way in which women's media consumption is evolving, then this announcement by women's magazine Elle (posted recently on says it all...

Damesbladen: online is beter
De Amerikaanse editie van het wereldbekende damesblad Elle stopt ermee. Althans op papier. De Amerikaanse lezeressen van “Elle Girl” zullen in de nabije toekomst hun blad alleen nog maar op het internet kunnen raadplegen. Uitgever Hachette Filipachi Media US is van mening dat er zoveel verandert in de wereld dat een statische inhoud van een papieren tijdschrift niet meer haalbaar is. Op internet kan de inhoud vlugger en regelmatiger worden aangepast.
Ondanks een goede oplage wordt nu gekozen om de publicatie in de toekomst alleen nog maar online verder te zetten.

Interesting to note is the 2004 research by Insites & The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Belgium (IAB), which noted that 75% of Belgian women "sometimes" used the internet to search for information pertaining to health & beauty products, while 25% did so "very often". In the US, research points out that "86 percent of women aged 18 to 29 were online, compared with 80 percent of men in the same age group"(source:

As 34 year old woman, I can vouch for the fact that, although I have my favourite women's magazines (which I buy sometimes but not on a regular basis), I do however, have my favourite women's websites, which I visit on an almost daily basis., which targets girls aged 14 to 25 gets what young women of today want. The younger female generation is internet-savvy but often still too cash-strapped to buy numerous premiere women's magazines, which makes an online edition of a prestigeous magazine such as Elle a worthwhile spot to visit to get all the latest in gossip, fashion and all the other things a girl's heart desire!

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